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The Royal Alliance is a team of Independent Nikken Consultants with a shared vision to INSPIRE, IDENTIFY, SUPPORT & MENTOR the next generation of Nikken Royal Diamonds. Within the next three to five years we aim to create a Life in Balance with greater time and money freedom to allow us all to live and work in a prosperous environment that encourages the Five Pillars of Health, so that we may continually provide improved
well-being to our family, our partners, our society, and ultimately the world.

A Medical Doctor’s Perspective

An Introduction to Nikken

How to Earn Money with Nikken

In this brief presentation Ben Woodward gives you a simple Nikken business structure that rewards you at every stage of development.

Ben Woodward Speaks About Life and Success

Bitter Truth About Sugar

Blood Thinners & Magnetic Technology 

Discover Freedom: The Nikken Opportunity

DynaFlux Magnetic Technology

How to Create Your Best Life

Jeff Isom – Nikken’s New Vice-President of Sales & Marketing

Kenzen Nutrition: Weight Management Pack


Nikken - A Life in Balance

New mStrides Testimonial

Nikken: Global Leader in Magnetic Health Products

Prime Time.jpg

Prime Time for Network Marketing

The Nikken Story

What is Vital Wellness?

What Will Your Last 10 Years Look Like?

“Why Nikken?” with Ben Woodward

Bone & Joint Health

Great resource for those suffering from bone and joint issues.  Very informative with detailed information about Nikken's Osteodenx.