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Dave & Valerie Johnson


Dave & Valerie Johnson

Nikken Royal Ambassadors

Background: Navy, Commercial Lighting Sales

Achievements: Two-time Consultant of the Year, 60K Club, Millionaire's Club, Presidents' Club, Top Income Earner

Most children that I have asked, “What do you want to be when you grow up?” do not really know for sure.  As an adolescent, I remember the feelings of uncertainty regarding my future career choice.  After getting married and starting a family, I still felt uncertain about the direction I wanted to take. I felt like I already had what mattered the most in life; faith in God, a wonderful wife and children.  In 1974 I joined the United States Navy as an aviation electronic technician.  

I was invited to a friend’s house in April of 1976.  The visit was really an opportunity meeting and my first introduction to the wonderful world of network marketing I couldn’t sleep that night.  All I could think about was how those circles duplicated and leveraged my time so quickly.

In 1990 I joined Nikken.  This company has changed my whole life!  I have been able to build a successful team of friends who in turn have literally changed the lives of thousands.  I earn an income that now exists independent of my own efforts.  I enjoy enough money and time freedom to offer my children the advantages and opportunities that any parent wants for their kids.  I wake up Monday morning or any other day absolutely enthralled about being able to go to work!  I am reassured on a daily basis that I am involved in something important.

“This is the ultimate way to combine a business with a mission.  When I think of being a Healthy Millionaire, I think about balance. I have built my business around the concept of giving people hope and something to believe in.  What inspires and excites me about Nikken is being able to be in the position to do the greatest good and affect the most people.  With Nikken, everyday offers new possibilities.  Imagine waking up with excitement and enthusiasm.  I am truly thankful that Nikken has afforded us the opportunity of a lifetime.”