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David & Cereta Lamphere


David & Cereta Lamphere

Nikken Diamonds

Background: Electrical engineer with space program, Nurse specializing in spiritual energy

Achievements: President's Club, Several 21 Clubs, Paragon Award

David is an engineer and while working with their Nikken business they were also building a company that designs and builds fuel systems for airplanes, rockets and race cars. Cereta is a nurse, former Hospital Chaplin and an energy therapist. They have four grown children and eight grandchildren. They live in Vermont in an old farmhouse that they were able to rebuild with their Nikken money.  

David and Cereta were first attracted to the products, which have given them health beyond anything either of them were expected to enjoy. For David and Cereta, the greatest gift they can give their family is being healthy, not only physically but financially. Along the way they have won prizes, had several fancy cars and an RV, made new ranks and helped their team do the same. They have learned how to put on events and enjoyed major personal growth. However, the greatest gift that David and Cereta have received from their Nikken experience is the joy of dreaming, knowing that those dreams can come true.  Many of them already have. Not only for them, but for their team members as well.  What they don’t have, they cannot give. David and Cereta believe Nikken is the greatest gift, whether it be in the form of products, or a business opportunity, that anyone can give those around them.