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Julie Tara


Julie Tara

Nikken Royal Diamond

Background: Professional Ballet Dancer, Healer/Counselor/Teacher of Energy Medicine, Psych-K Practitioner, Photographer, 5 Rhythms Dance and Yoga Teacher

Achievements: Consultant of The Year, Millionaires' Club, President's Club, Top 5 Royal Diamonds, Top 5 Business Builders, 60K Club, 21 Club, Global Elite 8 Winner 2013

Julie Tara was born in Cambridge, England, to a father who was a doctor and professor of medicine at Jesus College, and a mother who was an actress, singer and classical pianist. From the earliest age she had a strong interest in both the arts and sciences, and began studying ballet and music at the age of three. At 10 years old, she left home to begin an eight-year rigorous training with the prestigious Royal Ballet School. She performed professionally with the Royal Ballet and the Royal Opera of Covent Garden, and later with the Dutch National Ballet in Amsterdam, Holland.

However, after years of watching her mother deteriorate physically, mentally and emotionally at the hands of Western medicine, Julie asked the question, “Why do we suffer so much on this earth?” A voice answered clearly, “Your life is about healing.” Julie instantly knew the truth of these words and, trusting them implicitly, left the world of ballet, and began a quest to discover what creates and sustains health.

She began studying Energy medicine, especially from an Asian perspective, soon meeting her future husband, a teacher of Macrobiotics. While raising three children, they opened a holistic healing center in Estes Park, Colorado, with Julie directing the Arts and Healing programs. The unanticipated economic slump in the early 1990s, coupled with the fact that this was an idea ahead of its time, caused the center’s demise, and began a precipitous decline in the couple’s financial viability. Matters reached a crisis point, and Julie experienced a spiritual epiphany, which directly led her to Nikken, a multi-billion-dollar Japanese health and wellness company.

She knew immediately that she had found the way to unite her passion for healing with a successful career. She rose to one of the company’s top positions in record time, expanding her business to 28 countries, earning numerous company awards along the way. In 2012, she was honored with the coveted Nikken’s North American Consultant of the Year Award.
Julie is a sought-after transformational speaker, electrifying audiences of thousands with her passion for health, co-creativity, and for healing the split between making a living and making a difference by following our soul’s true calling. She believes we all are part of the cosmic web of life, a Divine matrix, and seeks to awaken this awareness. She considers the network-marketing model to be a revolutionary shift in the way commerce is conducted on Earth, making possible swift transformation and the ability to thrive on all levels.

Julie lives in Boulder, Colorado, which she calls the perfect Mecca for her joyful spirit.