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Michael DiMuccio


Michael DiMuccio

Nikken Royal Diamond

Background: BSc Aerospace Engineering, Recording Artist

Achievements: Millionaires' Club, President's Club, Consultant of the Year, Top 10 Income Earner

Toronto, ON

Joined Nikken: December 1992

In 1986 I became a graduate of Aerospace Engineering at the University of Toronto, upon which I was immediately signed to a music contract to write and perform original music as an artist. With the influences of TV shows like Star Trek and Lifestyles of the Rich & Famous, my interests were quite diverse. I would either end up piloting the space shuttle, or being a famous singer.  One thing for sure is, I was never planning to live a 'normal life'. I wanted to enjoy a free and abundant life. Unfortunately, my record label didn't survive the volatility of the industry and I was forced to start over. Thanks to a friend who meant well, I went on to help him build his dream, working as his right hand in the field of electrician for three years. Complicating matters was a back injury I sustained , pushing me further from my dream of being rich and famous! It was here when I discovered Network Marketing and Nikken. A whole new world opened up for me that held the potential to move me in the direction I wanted my life to take. These were my kind of people - positive attitude; dedicated to living an exceptional life and ambitious in their interest to make a difference in the lives of others.

In January 1992, at age 27, I launched my Nikken business in Canada. In my first full month, I achieved the company’s first leadership level, Silver. I went on to became Canada’s first Gold, Platinum, Diamond and in 1997 Royal Diamond, the youngest at the time at age 33. That year I had the honor of being awarded Nikken’s most prestigious award: Consultant of the Year. Sounds easy, but it wasn't! There was a lot of personal growth involved and I had never been my own boss before. The concept of Nikken's philosophy: Humans Being More, is exactly what is embodied on this journey to 'fame and fortune'. I am truly happy with who I have become in the process and looking back, wouldn't trade a minute of it. I now live like the people I watched on TV and in many ways, better! I have a wake of many others around me doing the same and hundreds of thousands of people enjoying a better quality of life every day, thanks to the Nikken opportunity and technologies.

Of all my achievements, however, I am most proud of being the father of two beautiful girls and a boy; Sophia, Savannah and Michael. I am grateful for being a part of and providing my children an environment and education that money can't buy. To have been able to influence their growth and development from birth, through my wellness journey, is immensely visible in their perspective on life and in their many early achievements. They are well out of the box! After all, as my mentor would often say, "wellness is the study of the universe". It is a much bigger story than simply physical health.