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Morten Andersen


Morten Andersen

Nikken Royal Diamond

Background: Technology Industry

Achievements: European Distributor of the Year, Two-time Norwegian Distributor of the Year, 60K club, Paragon Award, 21K Club

After 15 years in the technology industry, first as engineer, later as owner, technical director and CEO in a few technology companies, I became totally burned out. 80-hour workweeks over many years, responsibility for many employees, customers and finances almost killed me. In 1998, I was introduced to Nikken at an expo and bought some products. After 3 months, I no longer had problems sleeping, my serious back problem disappeared and my stress level was significantly reduced. I got my health back, just by using the sleep system and a few other products.

Two years later I was introduced to the business, and started in March 2001, with a clear decision of becoming a Royal Diamond as soon as possible. Within a few months I got someone else to take care of my other business so I could focus 100% on Nikken. For me, it was the DECISION that made the whole difference. I did not start to TRY and to see if Nikken could be something for me. I started to become a Royal Diamond, which I achieved less than 4 years later.

This has been the best decision in my life. The freedom that comes with working as a Nikken consultant is impossible to describe. When looking back at my “life before Nikken”, the stress, the unhealthy lifestyle, I am so happy I made the choice I did. It makes me proud and happy to know that being involved in Nikken for the last 14 years, together with my great team of partners, has helped hundreds of thousands of people to a better and healthier life!