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Time for Success


Time for Success

Dave Johnson

Nothing separates successful people from unsuccessful people more than how they use their time.  I just started reading my new SUCCESS Magazine and came across an excellent article addressing this. “If you check your email the moment you open your eyes in the morning…Caffeine isn’t the only thing you can get addicted to…And those addictions, like racing to get through all that email in your inbox or checking to see how many “friends” commented on your latest Facebook post, could be holding you back in a very big way.”

This great insight comes from the book: “Wicked Success Is Inside Every Woman” by Vickie Milazzo

“In her latest book, she talks about how easy it is to get caught up in tasks that she calls ‘feel-good addictions,’ while ignoring or delaying work on the big projects that actually advance careers.  ‘Let’s face it,’ she says, ‘It feels good to empty you inbox, but you’re not going to get a promotion for it.’

Milazzo says that you set the tone for your work habits when you wake up in the morning. ‘You have to think about how you start your day,’ she says.  ‘Most people jump on their computers.  The first part of the day, focus on YOU.   ‘Spend some time in gratitude for all you’ve accomplished so far, then think about your primary goals for the day an for the week.

‘The more successful you are, the more you’re challenged by the noise.  More people want you time,’ Milazzo says.  So how do you let go?  You might start by turning off your email for an hour or two a day and focusing solely on a project that advances your career goals. ‘Always be working on something BIG,’ Milazzo says.  ‘Usually it’s the big stuff that gives us long-term success and fuels our passion.’  The to-do list will never disappear, so make progress on what matters most by letting go of the rest.”

(pg 14, Step Away from the BlackBerry, by Deborah Huso, SUCCESS –January 2012)

Here is a thought from Darren Hardy from same magazine.

“As we experience this duality of unparalleled opportunity and voracious competition, the gap will continue to widen between the haves an have-nots.  This gap will not be caused by disparities in education entitlements, wealth or class.  It will be a skills gap.  Staying competitive in the 21st century will be directly related to your ability to adapt, grow and continually improve your skills.  These are the times of enormous opportunity, but only for those who prepare themselves to seize those opportunities.  Carpe diem!”

“The members of your team or downline will duplicate exactly everything you think say and do.  The speed of the team is always the speed of the leader.  Even your thoughts about the business will be duplicated by your people so be very careful about the way you think.  The way that you join Nikken, how long you take to make that decision, how many prospects you put on your list, how many calls you make your first week, how you follow up with your prospects, how you attend training calls or events will all be duplicated by the people that you bring into your business.  The people that you recruit or sponsor are consciously and subconsciously watching and imitating everything that you do as it relates to your business.  Always ask yourself this question, Would I want the members of my team to be building their businesses like I am?  Make sure that you act accordingly!”

“You can re-start your business at any time…If you can turn a lead (a name and a number) into an appointment to tell the unique story of NIKKEN, YOU can build this!”

(“Your First 90 Days in Network Marketing”  - by M J Durkin)

This is the time of year to make a list and check it twice…write down people who are nice, also ambitious, and hungry.  People who you like and trust.  Go see these people and do ABC’s!   May 2012 by your happiest and best year ever!!!

The best way to predict the future is to create it!

Dave Johnson