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More on OsteoDenx


More on OsteoDenx


Wellness is more than skin deep, more than being cosmetically healthy.  What we really want is through and through wellness.  At the core of our bodies, bones begin to form before we are born.  They support a baby’s first wobbling steps.  The shin bone enables a youngster to kick the soccer ball in practice.

Healthy bones help a student attain full height when speaking before the high school debate class.  They must stand up to climbing, hiking, jogging, skiing and all the more vigorous fun pursuits in life.  Bones need to be strong when our parents and grandparents walk from bedroom to bath, should they inadvertently slip and fall.  Every age group benefits from healthy bones.



After age 50 more than half of us have low bone density

Lifetime risk of a fracture from fragile bones is 50% in women and 25% in men

There are 1.5 million such fractures a year, all causing debility to a degree, some requiring surgery with the risk of complications

Long term nursing care is the fate of 30% after hip fracture and there is even a 20% death rate in females by 1 year.

In view of these sobering stats, treatment options, early detection and prevention are naturally of interest…Bone density measurements help diagnose deficiency states, full blown osteoporosis and a less severe condition, called osteopenia.

Normal treatment includes calcium supplementation in various forms; vitamin D of different types to help what otherwise is poor absorption of calcium, hormones and their synthetically modified versions, as well as bisphosphanates (Fosamax was first on the market).

Most recently, OsteoDenx was premiered and is now available through Nikken without a prescription.


Is not a chemical drug

It is not a vitamin supplement or mineral

It contains no calcium

It is the first in a completely new and unique class, replenishment

This naturally occurring substance is manufactured internally by the body.  With aging and the passage of time this important multifunctional molecule is depleted.  With the advent of Nikken’s latest breakthrough wellness product, we can turn back the clock on bone support and health.

But the story is much bigger…


Bone may be thought of as a mineral bank.  OsteoDenx acts as a bank teller, assisting in deposits and withdrawals.  When calcium and other minerals properly move into the bone, they form part of a solid portfolio of support.  These same minerals are paid out of the balanced account of healthy bone for key transactions in the body.  Close at hand, joints require supplies from the underlying bone to be well.  Deformed  and inflamed joints are as much manifestations of bone health being out of balance as low density and increased fragility.  From hear to intestines, many distant organ systems count on a daily mineral “check in the mail” from the bone bank.  Insufficient funds can get “power and water” turned off, a physiologic bankruptcy with the risk of a lien being placed on one’s bodily home.  Uncorrected, eviction may follow precipitously.


To put our house back in order, OsteoDenx facilitates cash flow for a myriad of payments in the cellular economy.  OsteoDenx comes with 20+ years of research.  Bone health has shown benefit in less than 2 weeks.  No side effects are anticipated.  There is no conflict with underlying conditions or ongoing treatments.  Of course, consulting your own physician concerning any medical question is always advised. 

OsteoDenx is opening up a lot of conversations on a subject of vital importance for all of us, bone health and wellness.  It has been said that the Stone Age came to an end, but not for a shortage of stones.  Just so, the age of drugs and surgeries will come to an end, but not for a shortage of drug ads and surgery centers

 OsteoDenx is ushering in a new age, the Age of replenishment!