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How will your movie end?


How will your movie end?


If you were going to a movie about your life, how would you want it to end? How would you want the viewers to feel about you when it’s over?

I was thinking about this after I read something really insightful by Earl Nightingale:

“Those people who achieve are they who have given themselves a good mental picture to work towards.

Imagine that you are seated in a movie theater waiting for the show to begin. What will this movie do for you?  How will it affect you?  Will you feel moved, perhaps even to tears?  Will you laugh at a comedy, or feel terrified at the crises faced by the hero or heroine?  Will you feel wonderful waves of love and compassion - or surges of resentment?  All these feelings will pulse through you, and more.  What impact will all this have on your life?

And now imagine that the movie you are going to see is about the most fascinating person in the world...YOURSELF!

In this special theater - which is in the mind and heart of each of us, you are the producer, director, writer, actor or actress. You will be the hero or the villain. You are also among the audience that reacts to this thrilling drama.

The exciting story unfolding upon your ‘inner screen’ is one which is invented every second of your life.  Yesterday, tomorrow, and most importantly, right now.

You watch the image upon that screen and you invent the image upon that screen - right now. Will the story have a happy ending?  Is it full of happiness and success or sorrow and failure?  At this moment the story line is unfolding, and the discerning eye can tell the direction in which the story will go.

Since you are the dramatist, the director and the actor, you can change the stories development. Now. This instant. And for your whole lifetime.

You can make this a success story. You can be the hero and conquer the villain. You can make this a heartwarming story, which will enrich the lives of all who know you. You can either direct and produce a wonderful magnificent life or a drab mechanical tale, a chronicle of boredom. How we live our lives is a result of the story we believe about ourselves.

Our thoughts, habits, even our abilities must be those of the person we believe ourselves to be.  It all depends on what you do with the images you carry inside you...you can change it for the better and start getting the kind of results such a change will bring about!”

 From The Essence of Success, by Earl Nightingale -pg. 97