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Dave Johnson Shares His Thoughts on the New Nikken HQ


Dave Johnson Shares His Thoughts on the New Nikken HQ


Network marketing is often described as a fantastic personal development program that's disguised as a business opportunity.  This idea could especially describe Nikken's signature personal development course, Humans Being More!

Dennis Estes suggested that top leaders gather together and have their own class, right inside our new home office. The participants had to be personally approved by President Kurt Fulle.

I was honored to attend this elite Humans Being More course. I had the feeling I was participating in a sort of spiritual dedication for this new building and inaugurating an exciting new era.  This is Nikken's fourth US corporate office.  Tom Watanabe described our new building as "Chapter 4" in our continuing story. I invite you to help us write this story. Together we can make this the best chapter yet!

Our old building is an icon that can take your breath away (I'm sure that Hollywood won't be asking to use our new building to make movies!).  Much of the previous building is a vast open expanse with 50-foot ceilings.  Your footsteps echo when walking on the polished granite floor.  This place is over-the-top awe-inspiring.

Yet, how would you like to live there every day?  Kurt described it as working at a mausoleum, shrine, or monument. It is certainly impressive and elaborate, but just a little cold and isolated.

 I was visiting with Kurt on the phone today and told him about Jane, the first person I met at the office.  When I introduced myself to Jane, she said she knew me and that she had been with Nikken for 18 years. Kurt told me he didn't know her either prior to the move!  I was actually surprised to see so many people. I didn't realize Nikken had such a large staff!

I love the new building, especially because all the people who work at Nikken love their new building. Moving here has really stirred their passion. Everyone is happy and smiling and it feels warm and good.  When people actually see each other it’s much easier to corroborate.

Our new facility is in a beautiful business community only five minutes from John Wayne airport. We had lunch a short walking distance from headquarters in an area filled with a large variety of nice restaurants.  All around us were smart and very talented people giving a feeling of vibrancy and growth.  Everything is alive and on the move.

Nikken is open to repeating this once or twice a year and I heartily recommend you come and participate in your own new "commencement and rededication ceremony" of LEADERS BEING MORE!