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Be Kaizen


Be Kaizen


By Dave Johnson

I made a wonderful career change almost 25 years ago. NIKKEN!

Building this business has been a wonderful blessing for our family. We've had some amazing adventures, and with the advent of Nikken 2.0 I am certain the best is yet to come!

When I first joined Nikken, I would picture myself in the future, as a leader having a vast empire. "Vast Empire" is a phrase that stirs my soul, and it was actually part of my daily affirmations.

It is a wonderful thing to just go for it flat out and do all that you can do, and to discover what you're really capable of.  Whatever you decide to do with your life, I hope you decide to be wholehearted about it. Please don't live life small.  Become absolutely enthralled about something. Be anxiously engaged in a good cause!  Be on fire with it.

Kaizen is a wonderful Japanese word that describes the philosophy of continuous and never-ending improvement. I am thrilled that Nikken is creating an elite new position of leadership based upon this idea called TEAM KAIZEN.

If you choose Nikken for your career, then all of the qualifications for becoming a member of Team Kaizen are also an excellent guide for building a strong and profitable business.

To be successful you must WANT to be successful, and do what it takes - every day!  Get a good coach, and train with them every day. Who would you like to have as your official Nikken Mentor? Talk with them and click here to fill out the agreement form

Go to work, it's important to be active in your business every day.

Begin by committing to be a Quality Enrollee.  A Quality Enrollee has a personal volume of at least 500 points a month. This is volume that includes personal consumption and a few retail customers. We recommend creating this with consumable products through autoship orders.

Find three good people who want to do Nikken as a career. Teach them to become Quality Enrollees. "Teach three to reach three."  Teach them to do the same, and so on.

The Team Kaizen position is now open to everyone! To qualify, you will want to maintain a personal volume of at least 500 points, enroll three others who also maintain at least 500 PV, become a Silver, and help two or more first level people become Silvers by the end of September. 

“What kind of world would this world be if everyone were just like me?” Apply this idea to Nikken; what kind of business would my business be if everyone in it were just like me? Always do something that’s worth duplicating. Remember, the speed of the group is determined by the speed of the leader. Be worthy of Kaizen!