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An Interview with Dr. Moscos


An Interview with Dr. Moscos


Dear Nikken Friends:

I’m excited to share with you an earlier interview I had with Dr. Moscos. 

Dave: Many of our Nikken audience have had the opportunity to hear you before.  You’re a chiropractor and you’ve been a chiropractor to some pretty famous people, too.  Could you tell us a little about your background?

Dr. Moscos: Yes.  I have two degrees – a chiropractic degree and a naturopathic degree.  Back in 1989 I was asked to join the royal family in Saudi Arabia to be their personal naturopathic physician.  I went with my family there for 6 years and survived the first Gulf war.  I came back and wasn’t ready to retire so I set up a small office here in Newport Beach, CA.  Soon after that, one of my old patients brought me a set of Magsteps.  I didn’t know what they were but she had a viewer and showed me the magnets.  I asked, “Where did you get these bipolar magnets?!” and she told me about Nikken.  I joined right away.  About 4 years ago Nikken asked me to be a corporate speaker and I’m really enjoying it.  It’s just fantastic - getting the word out there.

Dave: What is your opinion of the company, the products, and the future?

Dr. Moscos: Way back in the 60s when I first started getting into naturopathic medicine, we began using magnets.  They were single pole magnets and we used to have quite a difficult time with these in our clinics.  Something was missing.  Of course when Nikken came along, their magnets had the correct polarity for the human body.  The correct magnetic fields match the earth magnetic fields.

Nikken’s mission statement is about the wellness of the whole human being.  In the environment today we are bombarded with toxins everywhere.  Even the air is acidic.  The water we drink, bottled or tap, it’s all acidic.  The body doesn’t like acid because this is where disease proliferates.  If we keep our bodies on the alkaline side we can ward off disease.  Nikken’s nutritionals are a godsend to the human race because they supplement the magnetic fields that are being destroyed by the environment and the population. 

It’s been recorded in a Washington D.C. study that the earth’s magnetic field is down about 15%.  We know that the physical actions of the body are the result of chemical reactions in the brain.  These reactions can only occur when we are in a magnetic field.  If the chemical signals are reduced by a lowered field, our electrons start losing their power. Nikken gives our electrons back their full power so the body can properly heal itself. 

Dave: When I first joined Nikken, I was given a paper from Dr. Kyoichi Nakagawa, director of Isuzu Hospital in Tokyo, titled “Magnetic Deficiency Syndrome” and it detailed how important it was to sleep on a mattress that can produce an optimal magnetic environment.  If we can’t find the right environment, we must try and make or create one.  The original root of the word disease is “dis-ease,” which means “to not be at ease or to have stress.”  Anything that you can do for your body to get it back to a state of ease or absence of stress should be very beneficial.  That is what Nikken does, creates an environment with the right magnetic field, with pure water, fresh clean air, good nutrition and of course, a happy family and society. 

Dr. Moscos: That’s what Nikken is is all about.  It’s got the attitude and statements right in the 5 Pillars of Health.  We put everything together and the human being is much happier, especially in this environment.  I love the clean air system, especially!  People live in homes that are never aired out and the air inside is often worse than outside, because you’ve got carpets, glue, paint, pets, etc. The air wellness machine is the key to a clean home. 

The sleep system is also amazing.  Sleep is a #1 priority.  The body repairs itself when we sleep, since it has to work so hard when we’re awake.  This is the point in medical science that we’ve lost.  No one person heals the body.  We work with it so it can heal itself.  If we put it in the proper environment, it will heal.  The body already knows what to do because the brain is designed that way.  A great environment for this is through Nikken’s sleep system.

Dave: I’ve slept on about every sleep system that Nikken’s made, and we’ve now got the new one.  It’s just incredible!  Can you talk about the endorsement we just received?

Dr. Moscos: Yes, it’s fantastic.  We were looking for an endorsement from quite a few different organizations and were turned down because most of the public is opposed to magnetics.  They just don’t understand.  So we tried a different approach and contacted the Worldwide Federation of Chiropractors which has established itself in 66 countries around the world.  It even works with the World Health Organization.  We contacted the general secretary of the WFC and they went for it 100%.  They came last week, a whole group of them, including representatives from Dynamic Chiropractic, a 60,000 subscriber magazine that goes out every month to doctors all over.  This is a real landmark for Nikken.

Dave: Landmark might not be a strong enough word.  This could be huge.

Dr. Moscos:  Yes, it will be.  The WFC is in 66 countries and there are thousands of doctors out there.  They are having a big convention in Sydney in June and I was already asked to do a presentation, so that will be great exposure.

Dave: When I first joined Nikken, one of my friends was skeptical.  She wrote a letter to the National Council on Health Fraud and got a personal letter back from a Dr. Jarvis, who said he commended her on being a skeptic, and went on to use words like charlatan, huckster, and quack.  Not long ago I was reading an article on magnetics and it quoted this same Dr. Jarvis saying, “I am having to reconsider my original opinion of magnetic therapy.” Time is on our side and I believe the future will be amazing for the people who are ready.  The rest of the country is waiting and we just need to go out and tell them about what we have.  The market is full of people who want a premium sleep system. 

Dr. Moscos: The sleep system is the key.  When the body sleeps, it fails in one thing only: controlling temperature.  It works so hard that you perspire and then kick off the blankets and get cold.  If you’re in a supportive environment with temperature controlling far-infrared, spine support, and nice dense foam, the body can heal almost 100%.  I’ve seen so much in the office over the last five years; some of it is even hard for me to comprehend.  Right now I’ve got 3 people with hepatitis C and we’re using Nikken products to fight the virus, including using the back flex over the liver area and the nutritional products.  And it’s working!

I have a patient who has one of the new sleep systems.  She came to me one day and said she was scared.  I asked why.  “I woke up and my head was exactly where I put it the night before.  Not a curl out of place.”  She figured she didn’t move all night! 

Dave: With the sleep system you sleep deeper.  The sleep system is almost a productively tool.  You get such good sleep that you don’t need as much; you wake up early and have more energy.

Dr. Moscos: According to the National Center of Sleep in the US, almost 70 million people have problems with sleep.  We know that bad sleep is a major factor in Depression, and it lowers the strength of the body’s immune system.  I was reading an article about a sleep study with college students; when they went into the deeper sleep they would be woken up, thus preventing them from getting REM sleep.  Within about a week they started exhibiting symptoms of fibromyalgia and other disorders.  Improper sleep is a repression of the immune system.  Auto-immune problems mean we’re going to have different arthritis and soft tissue structure breakdowns.  Eventually the body just deteriorates.  We have to be in a very relaxed, deep, restful sleep, almost sedated, for these tissues to heal.  The body heals when it goes fully through five stages of sleep.  The first four stages heal the physical structures – muscles, organs, and tissues.  The fifth REM state is when it reverts back and the brain heals itself.  These cycles move every 30-70 minutes, over and over through the night.  The Russians did some studies with this and found out that magnets increased the cycles up to 110 minutes.  The body heals better if it stays in the cycles longer and deeper.

Dave: Can I ask you to share just one experience of the success of the sleep system that has really inspiring and touched your heart.

Dr. Moscos: Well I can tell you what it’s done for me.  Years ago I had a tremendous sinus problem.  I had that for almost 25 years until I got it settled down, but when I went back to Saudi the sand was so bad that it acted up again and I had a horrendous infection for almost 5 years.  When I got on the sleep system back in 1997 I noticed a big difference right away.  Even now, after trying the new sleep system, I’ve noticed the biggest difference.  I know the Air Wellness system also helps.  I go to bed at night and wake up refreshed and ready to go, with no sinus problems and no medications to take.  It’s that clean air and good environment!

Dave: Have you done any experimenting with the new Lactoferrin product?

Dr. Moscos: I’m using Lactoferrin a lot, especially with infections.  It works wonders.  Lipoproteins or Lactogens are composed of a sugar and a protein in a chemical covalence.  What I like about the Lactoferrin is that it’s a bacteriostatic, which means it binds with iron and deprives the virus from getting iron, which means it can’t thrive.  It works wonders and it’s a beautiful compound.  I also like how it’s made in New Zealand with pure cows’ milk.  A nice, pure environment and Nikken uses almost 3 quarts of milk to make just one tablet!  It’s a fantastic nutritional to add to our line.  It does so many things for the body; I could go on and on.  Besides the bacterial static, it’s also a pre-biotic which aids the biotics already in our body.  It’s a tremendous boost to the immunize system. 

Dave: Lactoferrin means Iron, so Activated Lactoferrin means it doesn’t have the iron already and it’s hungry for it, right? 

Dr. Moscos: Yes, that’s correct.

Dave: So that means the inactive stuff at the store has iron already and is relatively inactive.  I ask this because some people have too much iron in their body, and although this is a small capsule, some are still concerned about whether it is an iron supplement.  I guess it’s quite the opposite. 

Dr. Moscos:  You’re right.  It’s actually an iron-scavenging molecule.  This is ideal for those who have too much iron in their body.  At the same time, Lactoferrin is an antioxidant, one of the best natural versions.  We succumb to illnesses because we have a sodium-bicarbonate system to neutralize acids in our environment.  Even our foods are contaminated and our diets are heavily focused on meats, potatoes and breads, all acid products.  Our system depletes itself by working so hard and then we start leaching minerals out of our system to balance things out.  That’s how people get so sick.  The Lactoferrin acts as a saving mechanism to this particular system.  One of my cases, a man who had such high iron that the hospital wouldn’t even take him, he is doing wonderfully because of the Lactoferrin.  We keep doing lab tests and his iron is coming down.

Nikken has gone out of its way to do specific research and bring out great products of health.  Like I always say, Nikken is the closest thing to putting us back in the environment we were supposed to be born in.

Dave: I really appreciate all your time and insight. 

Dr. Moscos: I just love Nikken.  I can’t get enough of it.  I love going out and getting people into it, telling the world about health and all about Nikken.  It’s a wonderful company.  People have to realize what they have with this company.  It’s endless. 

Dave: I love the possibilities!  Thank you, Dr. Moscos

Dear Reader,  not long after this interview Dr Moscos passed away.  Dr John Jackson wrote a very poetic tribute for this great man:

Hi Dave, Thanks for the conjuring of pleasant memories.  I enjoyed reading your interview with Dr. Moscos. 

 Annette was a patient of his, as was her mother.  Just prior to his sudden passing I was approaching the end of my tenure at the clinic and Dr. Moscos had agreed to take me on as an informal understudy.  He had a tremendous body of knowledge.   I'll close for now, attaching something I wrote about my feelings after Dr. Moscos died.  It's based on the prayer of Jabez, the subject of a book which he was reading when he fell over on the back porch of his home (a copy of which they placed in his hands for the memorial viewing). 

 It's great you preserved other materials connected with this great human being that continue to speak to us today.  Thanks for all you do, Dave.  

Like the roar of a jet fighter on take-off, like the high arc of a space launch, our minds could scarcely take in that the beloved doctor, yours and ours, had departed his body.

 Through Dr. Moscos God indeed blessed us, ours and many of our friends.  He enlarged the territory of our understanding of health, the optimum function of the body, with confidence of intellect, a heart brimming with empathy and usually a boyish grin.  His hand was ever on us, the various points, kinesiology and all that, guiding therapeutic choice, demonstrating sum effect.  Dr. Moscos hated evil, any attack on the Lord's outer and inner kingdom.  He kept countless thousands from the daily experience of excruciating pain.

 Our first thought at hearing of our friend's having been caught away, even before emptiness filled chest, and still now after sadness contorts brow, was and is the abiding conviction that answered prayer called him to a greater and more magnificent coast than Moses ever glimpsed in earth. 

 Dr., we see the catching away of your chariot.  Now let's see if this mantle-like coat could possibly fit.  

 John & Annette Jackson