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Are You Getting the Best Sleep Possible?


Are you having a happy National Sleep Awareness Month? We hope you are, but if you are one of the seven out of 10 Americans* that are plagued with sleep problems we want to help. This is the beginning of our Self Care series that we have developed to not only raise awareness of growing health concerns but to also give you solutions to these concerns and offer preventative measures for future concerns. So check back often our goal is to help. 

In 1953 "The Father of Modern Sleep Science" Dr. William C. Dement, MD, PhD turned the study of sleep into a scientific field by recording brain activity and eye movement of subjects while they slept all night. During this study Dr. Dement was able to document actual sleep patterns (five stages) that people complete during a night's rest. 

In 1970 Dr. Dement founded the world's first Sleep Lab at Stanford University. This lab used it's research to identify several sleep disorders and discovered that "drowsiness is a red alert."  Dr. Dement came to the conclusion that "you are not healthy unless your sleep is healthy." Mounting research further strengthens this conclusion. There are now over 3,000 sleep clinics in the US.*  Obviously, lack of sleep is a national concern. 

Nikken founder Isamu Masuda in an effort to achieve overall wellness identified five areas of health. What is called the Five Pillars of Health. These pillars are Healthy Mind, Family, Society and Finances. The foundation for these five pillars is a great night's rest on the Nikken Sleep System. 

Years of research and product testing has lead to a new and innovative sleep system using DynaFlux Magnetic Technology, orthopedic support and all natural materials that cocoon your body in sleep inducing comfort.  Below is a cross section of the new mattress topper. 

You can see the even distribution of the Dynaflex magnets which covers a larger area. The perforations allow air to flow which maintains bodily temperature control. The construction is all natural latex which is naturally hypoallergenic. The base is 100% wool which is naturally flame retardant. 

People that are using the new Nikken sleep system notice a remarkable improvement over the old Nikken sleep systems and other sleep systems they have tried. 

Watch the video of our very own Dr. Gary Lindner below to learn more about how sleep matters to you and what you can do to get the most out of your sleep. 

* as reported in Time magazine, Life magazine, US News & World Report and CNN