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Perfect Timing for a Wonderful Life!


Perfect Timing for a Wonderful Life!


I feel so very lucky and proud to be with Nikken. I am living a fun and fulfilling life with contribution to others, travel, adventure, and prosperity with time and money freedom. I know every dollar I earn is because someone is being helped by the Nikken products and/or cash flow opportunity. Every day and night, 24/7, tens of thousand of people in our network are living better lives. I sleep well at night knowing so many people are benefiting and because of the security of my Nikken network.

Now, more than ever, many millions of people need and want what Nikken offers. So many people are stressed financially and physically. We offer truly life-changing products! And an opportunity to improve our cash flow! And even a way to create a dream lifestyle with serious ongoing, passive income for time FREEDOM! People from all walks of life in many countries are winning with Nikken. And you can, too!See what doctors ( http://idealbusiness.ca/videos.html) and veterinarians (http://idealbusiness.ca/vets.html) have to say about the truly remarkable benefits of Nikken products. With products so unique and effective, no wonder people around the world are consistently making great passive incomes with Nikken!Our job is just to share Nikken with many, many people. Even one or two per da in a year becomes hundreds of people. In the process you will get partners to join your team and customers who only want the products. Be consistent and in a short while you can get a 100% R.O.I ( Return On Investment ) of what you spent to get started. I suggest you start with one or more of the product packs to save lots of money and have products to use, show and demo. Register as a Nikken Consultant today and follow the Two Most Basic Rules of All: 1. Get In, and 2. Stay In and Never Quit. Sooner or later you can become successful and possibly even surpass your wildest expectations, like many of us have. And upgrade to a complete Wellness Home when you can, for maximum health benefits.How can you start? Use the DMO: Daily Method of Operation.

  1. Use and enjoy the Products daily, and be on Autoship with the Nikken Nutritionals.
  2. Share Nikken, your story and those of others with at least two people per day. This is so easy. Just speak from the heart and "Do The POWER PLAY!"  You simply "Push Power, then Push Play" on any computer, laptop, iPad, tablet, or smart phone. Or point to a Brochure or Nikken Magazine. Let the Tools do much of the talking for you. You can start right away without a lot of training. Let your sponsor and upline support team assist you in getting started right with a few ABCs.
  3. Follow Up in 24 to 48 hours to provide more information, to answer questions and to help them do what is best for them. Doing a 3 Way Call with your sponsor or someone else is very helpful here.

Doing the DMO each day and teaching this to your team is one of the Keys to Success! Another important Key is to find a few serious business builders quickly. How?


yourself to great cash flow with 90 Day Blast! Personally sponsor at least 20 new people. This is what many top earners have done, and you can do. Now help the most interested and active partners you sponsored to also sponsor several people. This focused activity will help you to quickly get your Nikken business off the ground with many people joining, many exciting product testimonials, lots of sales volume and a good check. Good income excites and attracts many more people! Also, all this group activity leads to many dozens of people joining your team and now you are very likely to find a few Serious Business Builders, either in your frontline or somewhere deeper in your group. In the months and years to come, these ambitious and very motivated people will go on to sponsor huge teams to create Big success, with or without your help. Finding them ASAP is a Big Key to Success! Let us show you how.

Bo Tanas,

Nikken Royal Diamond