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The Price of Longevity


The Price of Longevity


Never in our great country's history have we ever been witness to the paradigm shift that is taking place with regards to our health care system under the new law titled the Affordable Care Act, with over 300 million Americans now compulsory to this law. The need to educate and raise one’s level of awareness with regards to the responsibility of one's longevity and the price tag that comes with it is unavoidable.

One's natural conclusion can only deduce that a life of preventive care is the only commonsense approach. Given the fact that sleep, hydration, nutrition and quality of air make up the primary elements towards a preventive lifestyle, it is reassuring to know that the Nikken Corporation has been servicing society with healthy technologies, awareness and education for nearly 4 decades.

Today, more than ever, the opportunity for explosive growth has never been more apparent in the area of prevention. This new healthcare law has created an unprecedented demand for thousands of doctors and millions of Americans to be made aware of the Nikken way of life! I urge anyone reading this to discover Nikken and take decisive action....big and bold action and join us in this exciting opportunity at a significant time in our history.

William Todd,Nikken Royal Diamond