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Play and Coach with our Championship Team


Play and Coach with our Championship Team

Dave Johnson

"The most rewarding, the most frustrating, the most profitable thing you will ever do, is to learn to lead high quality people well.  To learn to bring someone on that's a high-quality person;  build a relationship, have clear communication, lead them well, and build the culture of the company... Building a team of high-quality thoroughbreds that are all winning, and YOU had something to do with this! This is a rich thing. This is a business that's got a soul."

- Dave Ramsey

Play and Coach with our Championship Team

With Nikken, there are two ways to win the business game - by playing and by coaching. Each new person you sponsor depends on your skills as a coach to explain the rules, to outline the plays, and to show them what it's like to win. While you can't score for them, you can send them into the game with the BELIEF they'll  be successful.

As a player YOU set the pace and lead the charge. As a coach you make the idea of winning so attractive that losing is unthinkable.

NOW is a time of unprecedented sales and sponsoring growth. YOU are playing and coaching on a championship team. Each new person you sponsor is a potential record breaker - superstar!

Let the new people you sponsor know that they've got more going for them in today's game than any players who preceded them. The possibilities for new consultants to achieve rapid success are fantastic with Nikken's new compensation plan and enhanced product effectiveness.

Give them a locker room pep talk that sends them to the field knowing that they're  winners. Then set the example by scoring the first touchdown.  When they break the records, you'll  be a winner, too!