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Bo Tanas - 2014 Heart of Nikken


Bo Tanas - 2014 Heart of Nikken


Bo Tanas - 2014 Heart of Nikken

Royal Ambassador

Toronto, Ontario

Sponsor: Bruce Black

President’s Club, Millionaires’ Club, 2002 COTY, 21 Club, Lifestyle Bonus, Home Bonus

Success Tips

  •  Get in. Stay in, stay active and never quit.
  • Treat Nikken as a business and profession.
  • Become the best you can be and be the leader you want to find in your downline.


Bo - TD jacket.jpg

Bo Tanas was “stunned and speechless” to hear his name announced as the winner of the 2014 Heart of Nikken. Typical of Bo, he was busy exemplifying the spirit of giving and sharing without any expectation of reciprocation. That is exactly what the Heart of Nikken is about. The award is especially prestigious because the winner is selected by President’s Club peers.

Eliminating Limitations

A firm believer in the power of Humans Being More® training, Bo affirms that it changed his life and he became much more of a giver. In fact, Bo is planning a trip to Paris to meet with people who are not in his downline, because “that’s what Nikken leaders do: help others whenever possible.

“I realized years ago that to truly win, you want to bring others along. Their success becomes your success. We have a saying, ‘the bigger your network, the more people you help and the bigger your check.’ What a beautiful way to live.

“I work at being the best Bo that I can be, to live my fullest life, with no fear or self-imposed limitations. I came to realize that the source of my limitations did not come from somewhere outside of myself. I learned that success was an inside job. It was my own fear, negative feelings about money and low self-esteem that held me back.

“The code Nikken leaders try to live by is to fully realize Humans Being More, to be our best possible selves, and to be of service to others. In turn, we get to live a prosperous and fun lifestyle. My life has radically changed as I put more focus on helping others. As I assist others to better physical and financial health, my success becomes inevitable.”

Realizing the 5 Pillars of Health®

“When I first heard about the 5 Pillars of Health from my sponsor, I thought, ‘Bruce, you can afford to help society but show me the money!’ At the time, I was so cash deficient, there was no way to be altruistic and help the world. Nonetheless, after multiple Humans Being More trainings and successfully sponsoring and helping others develop their business, it became clear to me how a life of balance can be best achieved by creating a residual income stream. “Nikken is the 5 Pillars of\ Health®, and the distribution system that is network marketing is the key to freedom. While Nikken products are a vital part of it, they are only one part. For me, the 5 Pillars of Health are about freedom and the greatest gift of success is who you become in the process. I have always treated Nikken as a real business and network marketing as a true profession. My focus continues to be the empowerment of my team as we grow our network and income together.

“As I moved out of financial hardship, I became more and more generous with my time in assisting downline deep in my network as well as helping crossline Consultants whenever I could. It’s like giving a gift: you give your time, knowledge or advice—without any thought of a return.” Congenial extended family that is closely-knit. They vacation together internationally and appreciate each other, the gift of life and a lifestyle of abundance and freedom.

Leaders of Leaders

"Nikken success is all about becoming a leader and attracting/developing leaders in your team. Without these great Nikken leaders and their wonderful leaders and passionate consultants, I would not have my present success. My great respect, gratitude and love go to Royal Diamonds Ihor Lenko, Gloria Nava, Poupee Gavarrete, Michael & Lillian Ghali, Ahuva Simone, Anna Mayer, Rimma Kotlovskaya, and to Diamonds Santo Mula, Luba Romanovski, Anna Kagan and to all their many leaders. Thank you all!"

Expanding Horizons

Having achieved so much personal growth, Bo is now ready to use his Nikken-earned freedom in accomplishing new goals. Already an accomplished artist and songwriter, Bo plans to produce a movie in the near future, adding filmmaker to his list of achievements. He attributes the ability to tackle this new project to his personal development training at Nikken.

“I learned how to prospect, sponsor and team build because I needed to. The great news is that this made me into more of an outgoing people-person rather than remain the introverted self-absorbed artiste. I like who I am much more now.”