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Dave & Valerie Johnson - 2014 COTY


Dave & Valerie Johnson - 2014 COTY


Dave & Valerie Johnson - 2014 COTY 

Royal Ambassadors

Coeur D’Alene, Washington

Sponsor: Yoshi Yokoyama

President’s Club, Millionaires’ Club, 21 Club, 60K, Lifestyle Bonus, Home Bonus

Success Tips

  • Get inside yourself and decide what you really want to do with your life.   Make the decision to become great and you shall not be denied.
  • Believe in the “goodness and rightness” of Nikken.    Become an apprentice to the people you want to become like.
  • Take action!  Do the things that matter every day.


Dave & Valerie COTY.jpg

When Nikken President & CEO Kurt Fulle opened the envelope to announce the 2014 Consultants of the Year, he grinned and said, “I’ll give you a hint who the winners are. ‘Wow… Golly.’..” The crowd burst into applause even before Dave and Valerie Johnson were announced as the winners. As the very first Nikken Royal Ambassadors, Dave and Valerie are a living legend.

Dave says, “I thought that was a fun way to be recognized. ‘Wow’ and ‘golly’ convey a state of constant wonder and surprise, which is what living and doing Nikken does. My next thought was that we’ve been doing this a long time. The last time we hit COTY was 20 years ago!  In a way, we’re being recognized for our persistence and longevity in the business and we’re truly humbled. Nikken is a wonderful way to live your life because we’re paid directly in proportion to the service we give.”

The Beginning

Right from the beginning Dave was convinced Nikken was the answer to his prayers, however Valerie was skeptical. Having done network marketing before, both knew how to present opportunity meetings but their first Nikken experience was different.

Valerie explains, “I was surprised because at our first Nikken meeting, people were interested enough to stay after the presentation. Several bought product and even signed up. It made me think we had a real business. I tried going door-to-door selling soap.   I did not enjoy that and I really didn’t want to start over by trying to sell something as strange as magnets, but when I saw that Nikken products could really help people, I decided Dave needed a partner!”

Starting over is challenging, and for the Johnsons, it was nine-fold. At the beginning of their Nikken journey, Valerie and Dave were proud parents of nine. Dave was traveling and had meetings to attend nearly every night. Valerie was handling their brood alone.

“Even the older ones still needed their mom. My other challenge was personal growth,” Valerie recalls. “I needed to overcome my shyness; to have confidence to see and talk to people.”

Dave adds, “In my first network marketing experience, I used to drip with sweat and turn red if asked to speak. Eventually even the telephone became my friend. By the time I got to Nikken, I was prepared and ready.  I knew how to call people, get referrals and use scripts. I just knew that Nikken was I going to be big, and I wanted to be a successful part of the team.  I had no idea that I’d become the “grandfather” of our whole business family!”

From Possibility to Reality

“Before Nikken, I remember thinking:  “I’m already truly wealthy, because Valerie is a wonderful wife and we have fantastic kids.”  Nevertheless,  bill collectors were calling me on the phone all the time, we were living in a dump and because we hit a big deer, our car had most of the front end missing.  

Right before Nikken, our former MLM opportunity had crashed and I took a job working as an estimator for an insulation company.  This was the worst job in my working career.   Sometimes I’d have to go into crawl spaces where there were spider webs and other creepy things. Once I was scooting along on my back and went over a “traffic bump,” discovering it was a dehydrated cat.  Yuck!

“What a wonderful life contrast!  I was able to go from the worst to the very best—measured in terms of fun, purpose, autonomy, a feeling of accomplishment, personal growth, bring good people along with me—all the good stuff that Nikken provides.”

Biggest Lesson on Success

Dave speaks of success in the most down-to-earth way and makes it feel entirely possible for anyone. He says, “Do the right things over and over every day and astonishing things begin to happen.  You will get better, and the magic and power of the numbers will accumulate.  You can be 99% sure of success if you do what you’re supposed to do every day over enough time. Success is not an accident if you take charge. “YOU” are the biggest piece of our “evaluating-a-business” pie graph. YOU are the only unknown in this equation of success.   You don’t have to be smart to succeed, just brilliantly consistent.

“The market is immeasurable, the products work, we have an enhanced compensation plan.  The economy is a train wreck. Healthcare is in a crisis.  Nikken provides the solution!  We have the answers to help individuals turn things around in terms of both health and wealth. We have a precious gift that can change people’s whole lives.”

What Really Matters

The first time Dave attended Humans Being More training, he thought he was going to a class about business building and brought along his tape recorder and notebook.   There he discovered “the real fundamentals for building a business in the sense of what really matters: how to love other people and how to love and believe in yourself.   HBMT helps people realize their potential greatness.”

After attending the training, Dave went home and told Valerie she had to come with him to the next one.  Now every one of their 11 children has also attended this training.

The Johnsons believe that in Nikken, “Our real product is people.  We have two huge competitive edges: Unique products that transform people dramatically and quickly on the outside, and Humans Being More® training that can transform people on the inside.”

Forever Humble

When Valerie says without any hesitation that her “proudest moment is when somebody you have sponsored, mentored and grown to love goes across the stage,” it is clear why the Johnsons are not only consistently successful but also amazing role models. They live and breathe the Nikken concept of helping yourself by helping others.

“When your kids accomplish something, you’re proud you had a part in their lives. With Nikken, it’s just like that. Your down-line are like your kids and you get to relive many glorious moments through their accomplishments. It’s wonderful to feel that we’re responsible for others, that what we do or don’t do matters to them. In Nikken, we affect other people and it’s sobering to know we just might make all the difference,” Dave says.

“Having this COTY award is another responsibility. People are watching us and we want to be a good example for others, to have them want to join us and be successful in Nikken.”