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The Importance of Events


The Importance of Events


by Reid Nelson

Events are one of the most important building blocks of your future business in Nikken. Those of you that were in Orlando, at the World Convention know just how important an event can be for Vision, and Belief in building the  confidence it takes to build your business.

There are 2 events coming your way in the next few months, that can continue your momentum for the future.

1) HBM, in Salt Lake City Utah, May 15-16. An absolutely critical part of the 5 Pillars of Health while you build your business. This program will help you build the confidence and understanding of yourself that it will take to build a big business in Nikken. I personally have been to 25 HBM's as a participant, and countless more as as assistant to the facilitator . Take as many of your consultants, and your new people with you as possible. It is a critical element of the Nikken philosophy.This program changed our lives forever!

Next, 2) The next big Nikken Independent Field Event in Salt Lake City Utah on July 10-11th.

These are awesome events put on by Independent Consultants, and supported fully by the Nikken Executive Team. This is where you will learn from the Best of the Best, Both field leaders, and Corporate leaders as well. You will be trained and inspired. Your Vision will grow. Your Confidence will be unstoppable. Do whatever it takes to attend these events. Then after this event, 90 days later is the next Big event in San Antonio Texas. You Build from event, to event, to event. As you do this, your group will grow, and you will grow, as a person, and a Nikken Consultant. 

Be Committed to your dream. Do whatever it takes. You can do it. We believe in you. If we can do it, You can do it. See you all very soon, in Salt lake City. Yvonne and I are All In! Are you?

Visit the Events page to learn about upcoming events and register.