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Advice from our CEO


Advice from our CEO


Last November, Forbes.com published an article entitled “Why Every Entrepreneur Needs a Mentor”. The author asserts that many of the most successful people in history maintained a valued mentorship, either receiving guidance from a trusted mentor or sharing their own wisdom with a promising student. Alexander the Great was mentored by Aristotle. Walter Cronkite was mentored by Fred Birney, his high school journalism teacher. Even Luke Skywalker was mentored by Obi-Wan Kenobi. 

A 2012 survey cited in the article showed that entrepreneurs who received mentoring increased their revenue by an average of 106 percent, versus an average increase of only 14 percent among those who didn’t receive mentoring. A difference of 92 percent!

There’s a reason why Entrepreneur.com calls mentors “a young entrepreneur’s secret weapon.” An effective mentor will provide counsel and training in the skills that an entrepreneur will need, and leads by example. An effective mentor believes in his students and wants them to succeed. An effective mentor has an enviable track record of success as an entrepreneur. And let’s not forget —mentors know that helping their mentees to succeed pays incredible dividends in their own continued growth and success.

For all of these reasons and more, there is no better environment for developing a mentorship than right here with Nikken’s Diamonds and Royal Diamonds.

That’s why for me it’s so reassuring to look out and see a host of familiar faces – the faces of Leaders who have earned the title of mentor – intermingled with many eager new faces beaming with anticipation. Each of you is a testament to the unique story and longevity of Nikken. In a few days, you will carry this legacy back home with you, adding to and enhancing our story with every new product introduction, and every relationship, whether as mentor or mentee.

In January of this year, we launched Nikken 2.0.  My executive team is fully committed and capable to lead you into a new era of prosperity and to the next level of Humans Being More. In the tradition of that first year, 1975, we believe, 2015 will usher in a sense of renewed energy, excitement and purpose to carry on our mission of introducing people around the world to a way of living measured by 5 Pillars of Health. If you agree, then together, we will make Nikken’s next billion dollars in global retail sales a reality.

Kurt Fulle