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The Nikken Business Plan


The Nikken Business Plan


Our new Nikken business plan provides a well-defined roadmap for building a successful business.   The plan is simple and realistic.

First, enroll yourself as a "Quality Enrollee."  A Quality Enrollee is the core activity for our new business culture.  You will want to develop a business of at least $500 personal volume. This will typically be a few regular customers, including your own auto ship order of at least $100.

The next business step is Duplicate!  Find three friends whom you would like to have as business partners. Help them to follow your example by also becoming Quality Enrollees.

"Teach Three to Reach Three"    What would your family organization look like if you had three children and they in turn each had three children?   You can have children and grandchildren much faster with the Nikken plan!  What kind of income could you expect as a QE (Quality Enrollee) who has three people who also are QE's, who in turn have three QE's?    Realistically how much time would this take?

The plan is simple and easy!   Actually, it's not a new experiment that's never been tried before. The network marketing profession has already created thousands of millionaires.  Every one of them has an organization that looks similar to our Nikken plan!  Each has two or three "key people" who in turn, also have two or three key people, whether you are making $1000 a month or $100,000 a month, The difference is simply the maturity and depth of your organization.

I created a PowerPoint presentation that shows a realistic income projection of an organization that is only two levels deep. If you can achieve this in a year or less, just imagine allowing this same business to mature over the next four or five years. You can become financially independent!

Do check it out, and share!

Dave Johnson