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An mStride Script


(Have this ATTITUDE  - This is the call they have been waiting for all of their life!)
(Begin with a sincere and personal compliment such as.....)

 I've always been impressed by how you genuinely really care about others....
Your high integrity...and...just plain gumption!

(Make all of this a natural conversation - be interested, and not interesting!)

I like you!      I would like you to consider going into business with me.     I believe we could do some great things together.

(at this point they might ask - "WHAT IS IT?")

So you are interested?      (be sure to wait for response)

Have you heard of the term "Energy Medicine?"

Dr. Oz states that: "Energy Medicine is The Next Big Thing."
...and that:  "Energy Medicine is the future of all medicine."

This is high praise indeed!
And I'm excited to say that the future is NOW!

 There is an "Energy Medicine" product that's already proven itself. It's done over a billion dollars in Japan, and I have an opportunity to help bring it here!

We estimate this is going to be at least a $4 billion opportunity.

I have a very successful business partner I'm working with, who has already built big businesses.  We believe  this is something that everybody's going to need and want.
No one has it yet, and they can only get it from us!

And we're looking for some good business partners to work with and you came to mind.

(Listen to their response.... And see if they're still interested.)

Let's get together with my business partner and see if this is something that we can do together.

Is there sometime next thursday that we could schedule a phone call with you and my business partner?

                                                                     * * *
"Energy medicine is the future of all medicine. We're beginning now to understand things that we know in our hearts are true but we could never measure. As we get better at understanding how little we know about the body, we begin to realize that the next big frontier in medicine is energy medicine. It's not the mechanistic part of the joints moving. It's not the chemistry of our body - it's understanding for the first time how energy influences how we feel."
    -Dr. Mehmet Oz

"Scripting" is one of the most powerful ways to change everything.  You can borrow someone else's script and then loan it to others. Once you learn and effective script and then teach it to others your whole world will change! I highly recommend you listen to the script on this call again and again, make it a part of you. Add your personality to these words and make them a part of you.

This can be a million dollar idea!

      - Lao Tzu