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Brody Craney - Step by Step Success in Nikken


On Saturday August 8 2015, Brody Craney laid out a fantastic step by step plan for NIKKEN business success.  Brody has taken what he has learned over his …. years in NIKKEN from mentors such as Mike DiMuccio and created a simple, duplicatable plan to Royal Diamond.

In his plan he takes you through each day of the first 4 days of what he is calls “properly launching a new consultant”.  Brody explains with his method there is a big time commitment and it should not be taken lightly but the rewards are immeasurable.  

The first day involves an hour phone call where trust is established by finding out who the person is and what makes them tick.  Brody gives you questions to ask and then suggests telling your own NIKKEN story.  He talks about playing in the NBA versus a neighborhood game of hoops in an effort to find out how far they want to take their business.  He then gives them 3 assignments including reading the Four Year Career by Richard Bliss Brooke.

The second day which Brody urges to be only 24 hours later, consists of finding out if they did their assignments.  Brody talks about finding out their goals and crafting their NIKKEN story.  He then gives them a copy of the Team Kaizen guidebook and they are asked to make their 100 name list. (There is a link below to download Brody’s guidebook.)

The third day involves finding out if they made the 100 name list.  Then plans are made for two grand launch events by creating a private conference call and the tools are ordered like the Four Year Career books and Focus on Growth CDs.  

Day four consists of teaching this new consultant how to invite people.  There is a script that is settled upon and practiced until the person feels confident and comfortable with the talking points.  Brody gives a wonderful example of this script that is sure to inspire you to go out and bring in new consultants of your own!

Brody does an amazing job of outlining his simple and elegant method in this presentation.  I urge you to listen and take notes then go and do!  You can listen to the full presentation on Soundcloud at the link below or on iTunes.  There is also a link below to download a PDF version of Brody’s Team Kaizen guidebook.  This is a must have for those who are serious about building a successful NIKKEN business!