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Ben Woodward's Salt Lake City Event Preview Night Presentation


Did you attend the Thursday Preview Night at the Salt Lake City Event on July 9th?  If you did, you will remember an inspiring, thoughtful and informative presentation by Ben Woodward, President of NIKKEN.  If you missed it, don’t worry we recorded it and made it available on the Magnetic Leaders Youtube channel.

In his presentation, Ben discusses the American Dream and what to do when you have achieved it.  He asks us to think about what is left after achieving the American Dream - purpose and well-being.  This is what makes NIKKEN such a wonderful company.  Even if you have achieved your financial goals, there are still so many people out there who need help whether it be financially or with their health. With NIKKEN being a total wellness company, we can help with all of that!

Ben also talks about the new partnerships NIKKEN is developing including an amazing one with Professor Russell Foster of Oxford University.  Dr. Foster is Professor of Circadian Neuroscience and the Head of the Department of Ophthalmology. These partnerships are helping us to create a stronger more powerful message and our story deserves it, says Ben.

Next he addresses the most important pillar - the mind.  Ben states that the greatest barrier to your success is your belief in yourself. Those with the greatest confidence are the ones who will be successful.

In the last part of Ben’s presentation he discusses the numbers behind successful NIKKEN businesses.  He lays it all out in black and white. Do this and you will earn this.  Simple and duplicatable.  To watch Ben’s full presentation click the link below.

Are you in the Blue QE Group? Your success depends on it!


Have you ever seen The Blue Man Group?  They are so exciting and amazing!  NIKKEN has started a new blue trend — the Blue QE Group!  A blue name in your downline report means that person is a Quality Enrollee.  You want to be Blue!  Just like the Blue Man Group is fun and exciting to watch, the Blue QE Group is fun and exciting for your business!  

NIKKEN has made it simple to be a QE too!  Just consistently create at least 500PV per month through a combination of retail customer orders and personal-use product purchases, of which at least 100PV must be personal autoship.  

Every consultant should be blue!  Make a commitment to be part of our Blue QE Group - then teach 3 more to do the same and those 3 will teach 3 and on and on.  Before you know it, your business will be drumming along at the pace of a speedy Blue Man Group routine! 

The Blue QE Group - what an exciting team building concept. Here’s a way to have all the fun and excitement of the Blue Man Group without having to paint your face! Being Blue is fun and exciting and your business will thank you!